Student Research Report: "Forecasting Resilience: A Future-Hunter Approach to a Prosperous Central America"

Six MESA students (Ellie Melero, Campbell Clark, Kelli Norton, Matthew O’Brien, Jared Rotha and Yi Wen Evonne Wong) produced a research report titled "Forecasting Resilience: A Future-Hunter Approach to a Prosperous Central America." 

This report highlights five areas of importance toward fostering regional resilience: culture, security, economy, technology, and strategic partnerships. Focusing on these five areas, the authors seek to offer a holistic approach toward creating pockets of stability within the region with minimal investments on the part of the US. The findings suggest working with faith-based, educational, non-profit and local institutions to harness the collectivist tendencies of Central American communities to promote resilience in family units as well as the community as a whole. Police reform is also necessary to combat corruption, improve regional security, and re-instill trust in official systems of governance. Addressing infrastructure issues, particularly sanitation infrastructure, is seen as critical along with promoting targeted educational programs. The challenges facing Central America outlined in the various areas of this report are seen as interconnected, requiring solutions that are multi-pronged and staged over time. The authors believe these proposed solutions can help to build a more prosperous and resilient Central America.